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We are the biggest salsa festival in town

Florida Best Promotions Inc., under the dynamic leadership of Richard and Mariel Del Rio, stands out as a significant promoter of salsa music in Tampa Bay. The organization, which began as a modest venture to network businesses while indulging in the lively beats of salsa music, has flourished into a significant events management and promotional company. At the heart of its success is the company’s unyielding passion for salsa music, culture, and dance, which has been the driving force behind its growth.
The company has played a pivotal role in nurturing the salsa community by creating a platform where businesses, government entities, and salsa enthusiasts converge. This synergy has been instrumental in elevating the profile of salsa festivals in the region, making them a cultural highlight. The ability of Florida Best Promotions to establish and maintain strong relationships with various stakeholders underscores its commitment to community engagement and cultural celebration.
Behind the success of Florida Best Promotions is a dedicated team, an embodiment of the saying, “It takes a village.” This team’s collective effort is the backbone of the company, ensuring the seamless organization and execution of events that have cemented its reputation in the salsa festival circuit.
The evolution of Florida Best Promotions from a small networking initiative to a key player in event management and promotion mirrors the company’s dedication to the salsa community and culture. This story is a vivid example of how a shared love for a music genre can transcend boundaries, creating significant cultural and business opportunities while uniting diverse groups of people.

Our Team

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It takes a village and below are key members of the team that help put it all together.

Richard & Mariel Del Rio

President & 1st Lady

Richard & Mariel Del Rio