Success Story – Modern Consulting 360

Modern Consulting 360 (MC360) is a Tampa-based marketing consulting firm dedicated to providing innovative marketing solutions to their valued clients in various fields like the service industry, IT, and medical devices. MC360 was excited to work with FLBPI’s Salsa because it was a perfect opportunity to provide expert techniques to a fun, all-inclusive community event. 

Specializing in digital marketing, MC360 wanted to take Salsa’s online presence to a new level. Salsa had an established brand and tons of photos to work with. All that was needed was a few tweaks in how, when, and where the material was uploaded to best reach the right audiences.

With a goal of increased event awareness and registrations, the organization enhanced our social media marketing initiatives with new, modern strategies that would boost attendance to the Salsa event.

MC360’s Strategy and Approach

“This event brings multiple communities together and unites them behind a unified language, dance and music. Us working with FL Best Promotions was not only a success but a blast! ”

Nadia Kaminskaya, CMO