What do you get when you combine latinos, Greeks, food, music, dancing, and the historical Tarpon springs Sponge Docks?

Florida Best Promotions Incs’s bi annual Festival of SALSA presented, together with The Tarpon Springs Merchants Association.

Beauty, culture, and community combine to bring you SALSA Cinco de Mayo and SALSA on the Sponge docks , which draw thousands of people every year. Visitors from all over central Florida gather on the Sponge Docks for an amazing cultural experience. 

SALSA Music was born out of the encounter of Cuban and Puerto Rican music with big-band jazz in the Latin barrios of New York. Today it is a global music, massively popular across the Caribbean, the US. Europe Asia and almost every where else in the world you could imagine. Literally the word SALSA means ‘sauce’.  It takes its origins from a cry of appreciation for a particularly flashy solo.

Every scene has its certain groups. In the SALSA scene you have the spectators – the people who show up to have some drinks, listen to the music and watch. Then you have the kitchen dancers, who are Latino. Maybe they speak Spanish, maybe not, but they grew up with salsa music and dancing to it in their kitchens and then you have your pro’s – the diehard dancers. The ones that are taking lessons and are probably form a local dance team.

Very rarely is there one place where all of these people congregate together. But… at SALSA Cinco de Mayo & SALSA on the Sponge Docks it happens and the result is pure magic. The streets are filled with people dancing eating having a drink or just enjoying an amazing band.